What Are The Minimal Things You Should Do To Help Sell Your Home?

A few affordable projects which are inexpensive, and help improve the resale value of your home.

For almost 20 years, Steve Rubin has been a Florida state licensed general contractor as well as a State licensed home inspector. In Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club in Palm City, Florida, Steve Rubin and his company Rubin Custom Homes, has remodeled well over 150 homes! Therefore, Steve was invited to join a panel of experts in the Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club Real Estate Sales Seminar to share his expertise in home remodeling tips.

When asked about the minimal things a homeowner can do to help sell their home, Steve shared his recommendations for a few inexpensive fixes to help improve a home’s curb appeal. Some ideas included:

  • Fascia Boards – As an integral part of your roof, fascia boards are the portion of your home’s exterior trim to which gutters are usually attached. Rotten fascia boards are usually easy to fix.
  • Gutters – Rusted, hanging or improperly pitched gutters are an eyesore, and prevent rainwater from flowing properly. Fixing or replacing gutters is an inexpensive fix that will greatly improve the overall curb appeal of your home.
  • Screening – Ripped screens on windows and doors are another small expense that will easily improve the look of your home from the inside and outside.
  • Pool Fences – Other than preventing accidents and being required by law in Florida, broken pool fences are a nuisance when trying to show your home, and can often be remedied with the installation of a single piece of material.
  • Paint – Painting the inside and outside of your home is a common way of hiding unsightly spots on walls and ceilings. Do it properly and get a licensed professional to treat trouble spots caused by leaks.
  • Kitchen Upgrades – Investing in a kitchen remodeling project can sometimes lead to a great return on your investment. Kitchen remodeling can sometimes make the difference between selling and not selling your home.

Steve always recommends getting licensed contractors to do work on your home. Whether you are just getting estimates to determine how much work needs to be done, or you are actively seeking the most competitive price for taking on a repair/remodeling job, make sure you consult with a contractor who carries the proper license for your home-improvement project.